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Default Cheating in CS -- will CS:CZ overcome it?

I loved CS. But I hated the cheaters. I hated it so much I went out of my way to find publicly available cheats and post them to admins; the OGC (etc) cheats made the game a joke for those playing without cheating. You know the drill. Due to the cheating, and nothing being able to be done about it OTHER than only playing with trusted people, I had to give up CS.

So, will CS:CZ <font color="blue"> DEFINITIVELY </font color> wipe out client side cheating, wallhacks, aimbots, and all that other evil nastyness that MyG0T etc unleash upon the community?

Thanks in advance for those of you who think about the question, rather than just react like stung teenagers "are you calling me a cheat!!!!".

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