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Default Re: Reflections in CZ?

Yeah i figure even Quake 3 can do it so they should be able to integrate it into the new revamped halflife engine. It looked cool to make a mirror in a halflife level or reflections on the ground but i could never see a reflection of anything cause in reality, I just copied the whole room and flipped it horizontally or vertically to make it look like the tiles are nice and glossy and reflective. It was funny cause i had a door that I kept trying to match up so it would open in my "mirror" too and it was like half a second delayed and sometimes opend the opposite way. It still worked though and people would watch the mirror to see if anyone went in the room and when the door shut they would rush in and shoot all their ammo through the door. [img]/forums/images/icons/grin.gif[/img]
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