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Default Re: FAMAS in CS:CZ ?

During 5 years ? Wow !

Well in fact, if someone ask me for a pic, as a machinegun belt link by instance, i'll send it to him, if not i'll find it with google ... I prefer make my own pics database.
Now, i begin a hi-res pics collection, for the moment i've some weapons used by the french army as Famas. However it's hard to find, coz i don't have firearms license, and my country is not really the paradise for gun's lovers as me (there no NRA). So if i know someone who have the chance to try firearms, i ask him to take some good pics for me.

Other thing, Dark Horizon say me than there a french artist who work for Ritual. He make weapon's skins too, right ?
I'll like contact him (if he want of course)
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