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Default Hi All, Some suggestions for CS:CZ

Hi Guys,

Came to look at what is going on with CS:CZ and am actually surprised to see that there are not some 10000 random posts like most places that cover this topic and that some of you guys at ritual actually post feedback. LOL. Refreshing to say the least.

But before I post my ideas, and to not make it look like I have no clue what I am talking about, or that I am some random noobie. [img]/forums/images/icons/cool.gif[/img] . Just wanted to say I have been playing games a LONG time, have been playing cs for past 3.5 years (since the early betas) have gone to CPL, etc., try to keep up to date on whats going on and realize that this game is all about one thing. FUN.

Have tried to read a lot of what has been posted here. So please forgive me if some of the stuff I suggest has been posted or covered already. From what I have seen so far, looks pretty good.

Some of the questions and comments I do have are.

Will you be allowed to pick different skins for multiplayer, if so how many, or will there be just a few premade ones to choose from like there are now. I know Gearbox was making this somewhat of a big push by making there being a lot of choices too work from (according to them) but have not seen anything said since the change over.

How many more new weapons (saw the info on the interesting new equipment like camera, blowtorch,etc.) are you guys going to be adding? Besides what I have seen mentioned already in your FAQ, the FAMAS, Galil, and RS, (Which are currently being played in the BETA at the moment, and based on my playing them are all pretty cool additions).

Will you guys be modifying any of the current weapons or equipment at all? I sure hope so. Some of them are just plain pitiful or useless. I will go down the list and give you what I am talking about. Even though I could go on a long rant on most of them will try to keep it brief [img]/forums/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

Glock : Have been playing the beta the last few days and like the way it handles, especially with the slight increase in damage. Hope this stays that way.

USP: Have always like this gun but dont like the fact that its not as accurate as it use to be, and based on how it is now being used against the new glock, definitely puts the CTs at somewhat of a disadvantage, would not have to change the damage would be nice if it was a bit more accurate though. Like it was in prior versions.

SIG Pistol: Do not know what to say about this besides the fact that its suppose to be a pistol between the USP and Deagle, and its almost never used. While the CTs get the USP for free and you can buy the deagle (which costs a little more and is far more effective.) I honestly do not see much use for this gun unless some kind of addition was given to it. Like perhaps wall/door penetrating power like the Deagle but to a lesser extent for example or a cheaper price.

Deagle: Definitely fun gun to have, only beef I have is I wish it was a bit more accurate.

5-7: Like this gun too, but due to it being more expensive then the Deagle, it is seldom used, and not really worth the price.

Duals: LOL. Good for a wow that's cool factor when first time playing it, but once you play it, pretty much useless gun. Only thing I can see it being used more if it was given more power.

Shotguns: Out of all the gun categories that need improvements this is the top one outside of the auto-sniper rifles that needs major help.

Pump Shotty: Like the damage this one does, but everyone knows if you do not kill someone with the first shot, due to its slow action pump, you are as good as dead against an average user with a submachine gun or rifle. Hence why its rarely used. Would be nice if it was more powerful, and would kill more often in one shot, or better yet, faster pump action.

Auto-Shotty: Fun gun to use but 8 times out of ten you will lose to a rifle. Would be nice if it was a bit more powerful or less expensive. 3000 is way too much for what you get. Especially since an AK costs less and a Carbine costs a bit more. Not even counting the new rifles.

Pancor Jackhammer: Haha, this is my idea of a good shotgun. Was used in Max Payne and was actually my favorite gun to use. Would be nice to have a shotgun that people actually WANTED to use.

Submachine Guns: Pretty much a good category (except for one glaring example) considering where it fits in the CS world.

MP5- Fine gun for price and what you get. Do wish it was a bit more powerful or more consistent since I have seen on some servers (quite too often) where you get feedback on the amount of hits and damage you do. Where I have hit someone 8 or 9 times with MP5 and still have not killed them and that includes headshots!

Mac10- Fun gun to use once in a while but considering that it costs almost as much as an MP5 and is not as accurate. Rarely used. Only thing I can see that would make this fun is if you could use two of them for a slight increase in price. Now that would be fun [img]/forums/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

Ump- Synonymous with useless. Out of all the guns there are this one is right up there in total neglect and usefulness. This one definitely needs help. More bullets? More punch? A lot cheaper? Dont know but definitely something.

temp- Cute gun. Would be nicer if it was perhaps even more quiet or more powerful, but unless something changes, I see this as being used even less that it is now.

P90- I like this gun and have aways wished that you could right click and have a red laser sight come out of that red dot in the front. Now that would be fun [img]/forums/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

Rifles: Most popular category of all obviously and there are some new additions to it which address some problems. However there are a few rifles which challenge the UMP for playtime.

Galil - Definitely great weapon especially for the price.

FAMAS - Nice to finally see a decent rifle that does not cost so much for CTs. Did wish it would carry more than 25 bullets.

AK- Uber powerful and fun gun to use. Wish it had a slightly tighter spray pattern since it looks like the Galil puts it to shame in that category.

Carbine-Great weapon and probably best weapon on CT side. Wish the silencer made it a little more silent but other than that would not change much.

Scout: Due to the addition of the new weapons wish it was a bit cheaper to use than it already is now. Since most people will flock to the FAMAS or Galil instead, due to both being a lot cheaper.

AWP: Love this weapon and would keep it the same as it is now.

Auto Sniper Rifles: Will lump the ones for both Ts and CTs together since they are basically the same (useless). Next to the ump these two guns need help. Since you pay almost 6 grand, think you would get something a bit more powerful or accurate since an awper or even a decent scout user puts these both to shame. Maybe make them silent or a hella of a lot cheaper? Definitely needs something for these 2 guns. Considering you dont even remotely get what you pay for.

Heavy Machine Guns and the Para: Now I know Gearbox was going to add the M60 but have heard nothing from this camp yet on whether or not there will be a new one. Would be nice though to have a bit more variety in this category than just the straight Para. Which is fun to use, but very expensive and not as powerful as it should be.

Equipment: I like all the new additions I hear you guys working on, so hopefully it will be as cool as it sounds. Have not heard whether or not you will be adding molotov cocktail or chemical grenades but would be cool if something along those lines were added if not those particular weapons.

HE Grenades: Biggest beef I got about this weapon is the fact that you can be in a room away and have 2 solid walls between you and the explosion point and you can still get hit and die as though it exploded right near you. Would be nice if this weapon did not ignore walls and roofs, but better yet did even more damage in enclosed areas like small rooms etc.

Flash: Have always wondered why the flash only blinds you. If anyone has ever seen one in action you know that not only does it blind you but sounds like an m80 exploded right by your ear. Would be nice if in addition to blinding you it also deafened you for a bit. Would definitely add a fun element and greater tactical element to their use.

Smokes: All I have to say is. I love the way the new smokes are handled in the BETA. Definitely hope it stays that way in final release in CZ.

Riot Shield: Defnitely cool item. I think it will have a bigger impact than most people think.

Nightvision Goggles: The fact that anyone can adjust their gamma now makes this item virtually useless. Would be nice if it were instead thermal goggles, and had the ability to somewhat see though smoke (especially considering the new smoke nades). Now that would be an item of use.

Well thats all I got for now. Will maybe post more later but hopefully this will help for now and Good Luck Ritual. [img]/forums/images/icons/cool.gif[/img]
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