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Default Re: Condition Zero Missions IT OUT!!!

I am curious and I forgot to mention this in my prior posts but on the new maps will you be able to look at your screen and tell what area your are in. For instance if I am playing T on de_inferno, and I am in say the right hallway going to the bombsite. I can instantly look at the screen and tell someone I am in the "West Corridor" (made up name) and then everyone that hears me knows exactly where I am at. Without having to think about it. I know Gearbox was working on doing this but do not know if it carried over. Anyway would definitely be a nice thing to have. Do not know how many of you have played the new half life mod, natural-selection, but they have labeled every area of the map and have it show up on the hud. With each area having a different name.So you can ask or tell anyone on the map where you are, and they know exactly where thats at without wasting time explaining where you are located. Goes a long way into improving communications.

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