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Default Re: new abilities for players + other suggestions

Looking around corners shouldn't be that hard to do in CS/HL,
it's simply a 'viewscreen trick'. In Thief the player doesn't move
when he looks around corners, only the screen does. I know
in a multiplayer game it would be somewhat of a cheat not to
be noticed when you look around the corner but it would still
be fair since everyone could do it. I think those kind of little
things generally fits the CS gameplay since players have to
be careful when they advance, they have to use stealth
sometimes, etc. so looking around corners would be a
helpful ability in those kind of situations.

the cooperative mode: its just that it would be cool to play
with friends on a network in the single player missions. If
for example the Counter-terrorist team for Mission 1 Map 3
has 4 members, two of them could be humans and the
others bots, but with only one of the two humans giving
orders to your AI comrades. I wasn't talking about adding
more players than the maps were designed to support, but
simply to replace a bot in the CT team by a human player.
With humans we could experiment all sorts of different
strategies to finish a map. But presumably with bots, the
possibilities would be limited, i.e. we won't be able to tell
them "go hide behind that barrel and when the shooting
starts, throw a smoke grenade, then try to go around the
area and surprise the enemy from behind". Or perhaps I am
mistaken about the kind of brains the bots will have ?

I still think the 'knock your opponent off the roof' thing would
be great. And it would only be used as a last resort because
of the risk involved in that move,i.e. since you can only push
someone when you're close to him, chances are you're going
to be seen before and be shot on the spot. So I don't think
it would change the gameplay that much. Perhaps the beta
testers should try these things out and see how they fit in CS.

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