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Default Re: new abilities for players + other suggestions

Bots? what what?

(Keep in mind that I am only speaking about the concept of COOP mod on a half life style 3d engine and my opinions donít necessarily reflect that of ThE ReSt oF HuMaNiTY!!!!)

Yes you are right that it would be cool in my opinion. However in concept the main issue isnít whether or not if it would be cool but rather the size of the levels vs bandwidth vs engine limitations. Yeah it would be cool but you might not realize that the maps in half life tend to be much smaller chunks than what you would find in many other game engines. If you play COOP in half life when ever your buddy walks down a hallway all of you will be forced to load the next level. Itís not like doom or Serious Sam where the levels are actually full levels and the ending is well defined with a switch or an end boss. Take a look at half life and notice that all the levels are blended together by using nearly seamless level loading triggers. There was never one level that defined an entire section of half life but rather many smaller pieces that are fitted together to create a very effective illusion of a continuous world. So right away in concept you are hit with a very real limitation that is by no means easily overcome.

Another thing to keep in mind is that even though a feature may seem simple in concept to pull off like leaning around corners you are immediately going to find that what you might think of as a small change will soon snowball. I the game design world itís commonly known as feature creep. So yes in theory being able to make the player able to lean around corners would be simple, However once that was added in then some one will say. Well we are going to need to make sure that there is animations to go with the leaning otherwise people can exploit this to see around corners with no risk to themselves. Then some one else yells out well if we are going to do that we need all the bad guys to do it too or something like that. And by all means all these new features that crop up to accommodate one new thing are usually always justifiable or even necessary.
So as you might see that little feature isnít so little anymore. When ever you think about a new feature you need to think about it as a whole package as well.
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