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Default Re: Hi All, Some suggestions for CS:CZ


As to your map statements you earlier made you are pretty much right. Even though its kinda of hard for me to comment on a map without ever seeing it. The most popular maps are the de_ ones, then followed by cs_ , and as_. You and kanaeda touched upon some of the right things that make these maps popular such as the multiple angle approach for the Ts and CTs to the bombsites. However would probably be wise to always have at least 3 or more paths to the bombsites for the Ts and CTs, with usually 3 or more major important choke points for the CTs or Ts (if cs_ map) too control and defend. As well as having the defending CT team spawn in one of the bombsites and the T team for cs_ maps spawn at the hostage area. Having too few paths to the bombsite or hostage site will only create maps that are huge one sided maps like siege, or prodigy. Dont get me wrong these maps are of course fun but neither one come close to rivaling the other more popular maps.

Also it seems that the simpler the map is, usually the better response it gets. I believe that even though big huge maps can be fun, people dont like to be confused too much, and they usually dont receive as favorable impressions as more simpler ones. Maps like piranesi, thunder and torn come to mind in this category.

The maps that seem to be the most well received are the ones with good action that can take place pretty fast, and that are not to complex in layout or design, with a few good places to camp, as well as a few good spots for snipers.

Another topic I think is important is dont make big multi-level maps! Unless the sound issue associated with them has been fixed. Biggest one that comes too mind is de_vertigo. Nothing can upset a decent player is more to think he hears a player coming right up to him based on sound, and it turns out its someone running on a floor above him. This is a real drawback to maps that have this feature.

Also I think another important decision to factor in, is too not focus too much on making a PERFECTLY balanced map. I know I hear this a lot in the community, but if you think about it for a second you will find it ironic and funny that the most popular maps around tend to favor at least one side somewhat by a decent margin over another. Not an overwhelming margin mind you liked I talked about earlier but a rather notable one none the less. Dust-Pro CT, Aztec-Pro CT, and Dust2- Pro T. Is balance and fairness important? yes. But dont make it the most important priority in a map.I know a lot of mappers try this and fail at the expense of fun. Fun should be the most important factor.

Like I mentioned before its kinda of hard to tell if a map will be well received or not without actually seeing it or playing it but hopefully this helps somewhat.

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