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Default Re: Will there be...<?speaking?>

During an illusion in which I waded through streams of piss, a revelation was sent down from the heavens and struck me in the ass like a bolt of hot lightning. Back to reality.... I lie soaked on a musty carpet -- dazed and confused -- stammering with my last breath, "It'd be cool to hear localized radio commands in Counter-Strike multiplayer maps. Perhaps the recordings could be integrated in multiplayer as a bonus for owners of Condition Zero." Picture a terrorist speaking Arabic (sorry about the stereotype) and an elite GIGN soldier speaking French. It would certainly add to the realism sought by so many bloodthirsty armchair killers.

Upon further reflection, this would require too much work and many changes made to CS multiplayer, which isn't in the hands of Ritual anyhow. Although I am sure Valve is working closely with Ritual on Condition Zero and would seriously consider any suggestions made on the multiplayer aspect.

In CS multiplayer, let's say the player is allowed to choose 1 of 8 character types (models) on any given map. This allows for diversified teams with members from different countries that can speak different languages. A Russian terrorist sending radio commands in Russian to an Arabic teammate would not make much sense (sort of like how my posts don't make a whole lot of sense). For my idea to work, teams would have to be locked down in certain scenarios. For example, American soldiers vs. Arab Terrorists in de_dust. This presents another problem with everyone on the same team having the same skin and making multiplayer seem a bit dull. To counter this, add multiple skins for the same character type and have different ranks based on player performance. So the player with the most kills would get a captain outfit that designates he is a leader and players with a pathetic number of kills would get the standard uniforms that indicate their n00b skill level. But making this change would send CS in the direction of Team Fortress with its class-based system. Anyway, I'm done rambling... back to work.
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