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Default Re: Will there be...<?speaking?>

Mr Clean pretty much covered this topic though I have to admit MadOnions post was very entertaining.

You remind me of myself 3 years ago on the quake 3 world forums when I one time ranted for a month strait about [censored] I dont even remember anymore.
Oh yeah it was the team arena terrain or something like that.
Oh well...
It was the “I lie soaked on a musty carpet” remark that brought me back to the good old days. God I was like 19 or 20 years old. Feels like an eternity now! That was back in the day when the R speed count should never have gone over 10k triangles and most people stuck around 5k if they wanted to keep the map playable on the standard system. [censored] man on Tiki engine the triangles with passes count sometimes gets up to 40k before the frame rate starts to be effected. EF2 might not have the greatest screen shots but holy [censored] when you see it in action.
Oh well.
Hey MadOnion if your gonna rant do it in style and say more funny [censored] like that! If I had it all to do again I would have done it all the same…. Well .. except for ONE THING.. I never expected that I would be meeting these people in person… ROFL
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