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Default Level design

I was wondering if the levels being added to mutliplayer are more creative than the ones currently in cs beside a few of the early maps the maps in cs have mostly been a circle well they are more complicated than that but the game play flows in a circles usauly around 3 paths so i guess the real question is have you changed the recent formula of the current cs maps to a more compilicated feal to satisfy players that have been playing for a while beta 5.2 myself.

on another unrealted note For The Love Of God The M3 needs more power shooting some one at point blank range in the chest would shatter ther internal organs [img]/forums/images/icons/laugh.gif[/img]

one more question (feel like im rambling now) have you or vavle updated hammer or are you using a dif. prog. and if so will it be included on the game cd ?
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