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Default Tenebrae 2 + CS:CZ ???

I was just wondering if any of you Ritual guys had ever thought about integrating the new version of the Tenebrae mod into CS:CZ (if it's even possible) i mean its made for quake 1 source already.(which is what HL was based on if im not mistaken) Can't you just tweak it a bit more so its usable for ur kickass game? All im saying is the visual upgrade would be cool [img]/forums/images/icons/laugh.gif[/img]

Here are some pics of the mod in action, pretty sweet eh?


As everyone can see, the Quake 1 engine is very capeable of displaying killer graphics...

Aside from that keep up the good work, i saw the screenies from the CGW mag and it looks pretty frickin' sick, nj guys.
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