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Default Re: CSCZ:MAPS,WEPONS,single missions,andETc.

*my opinion as a gamer, which has nothing to do with ritual or valve intent*

i smell a very bad idea if that were the case.

one- valve would probably puss it up just like the grenades. in the game now (counter-strike) i can stand on a he grenade with no kevlar and be taken to 50% health. for shame!!! to me when a most guns in the game will kill you in one-3 headshots (depending on helmet or not) then a grenade should do well over the equivalent damage. (i say most guns cause the tmp and the mac10 just don't count. [img]/forums/images/icons/smile.gif[/img])

two- it would probably cost an ass load of money and if my theory about the grenades and law rocket coinceding holding true then it wouldn't kill anyone with the one shot that it gives you making it completely worthless.

three- i'm still trying to figure out how the awp can kill a person in one shot but the grenade can't if said person is at 100%?

four- depending on the damage of the rocket this could dratically change cs as players know it.

but then again i don't play counter-strike so.....what am i worried about.

for the record
i started playing counter-strike at beta 5.5 in sept. 99 then stopped around the time it went retail after beta 7. the real reason why i stopped is because i didn't have access to a computer on a regular basis anymore so i saw no reason to try to continue play it. when i tried to come back to the game around retail 1.3 the gameplay seemed drastically different in certain areas from what i remembered in the beta versions that i just couldn't get adjusted to. overall it was a pleasant experience but too much of a time consumer for me.

*my opinion as a gamer, which has nothing to do with ritual or valve intent*
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