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Default Re: Condtion Zero is out!!!!

CZ Tidbits Apr.1.2003
Condition Zero is shaping up well and should keep the legions of fans happy. Valve recently confirmed CZ will be completed in May with Vivendi as the distributor.

New Counter-Strike Xbox Info Apr.26.2003
CSX is slated for release this fall, CZ is due out May 2003 (yes, next month...really). If you read this whole post, click here for a treat.

Well, I thought 'completed in May' or 'due out in May 2003' meant the game would be done, and starting mass production in May. Not still being tested into June. I did not take the word of any other fans on this game's release date, only what I've found on this web site. I am sorry. I've only listened to what Ritual has had to say. If I misinterpreted what Ritualistic has officially posted, it might be something many people have done. But is it my fault? I wasn't looking to be mislead, but I was. Please, be more concise and considerate of those of us who cannot infer exactly what is meant in these posts, or what completion of a game really means.
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