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Default Re: Condtion Zero is out!!!!

1) check your spelling dipshit,
sentance = sentence
wince = Since
u mispelled sentence three times what a dumb ass.

2) This is a Cz/Cs board. You probably suck so I can easily whoop your ass like the "Noob" you are.

3) OMG you must be fuken stupid.
lol = laughing out loud
gj = good job
fag ass bitch = insult
darksunnyd = your gay ass name
Learn some terms dumb fuk. For someone that knows what noob, stfu. And you don't know gj and lol. That's so embarrassing! OMFG.

4) I wasn't even done with my post jackass. I had more to say mother fuker. What? It is against the rules here to post twice at once? BITCHASS? And another thing no life, You got 47 posts. And the rest of the fags here with 100 and up posts. You have a lot of free time jack fuk. WTF else do you do bitch ass. Whack off? You just come here, just step into my fuken conversations with some lame ass comment. I don't even see any other posts about cz that you wrote. fag ass bitch.

5) You started shit with me fag. It was only A and B conversation. There was no C (you fuknut). If you can't understand that you're a fuken idiot.

6) stfu fuknut stink fish whore gay ass super fuk bitch ass shit fuk! was just for you. Cause you are so SPECIAL fag ass child molester. Just another attack on stomping your ass.

7) omg I made you cry? That's fantastic!! I should have known my insults would make you feel bad. LMAO (laughing my ass off you fuken dipshit). You're the first pussy that ever cried. Call the cops bitch!! GO!!! GO!! hurry!!!
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