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Hacking in cs right now is not illegal, unless the owner of that server gets some court ordered ammendment or new law or something which states that on his server, with forewarning any hackers will be prosecuted under this amendment or new law. But that does not mean it's a hackers right to play on any counter-strike servers he does not own. Like I said before, when someone else is providing you with a service, you abide by their terms because it is THEIR service, not yours, and by their kindness you are allowed to play on their server. Also, almost all counter-strike hacks are run client side.
I hope you all see my point now, if someone is doing you a favour based on certain terms, you are not allowed to receive that favour outside of the terms. As for hacking being "illegal" gunsmoke, was the kid arrested? charged? and keep in mind he was using hacks on a computer he did not own, so their are more rules he was breaking.
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