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Default So here we are.....

So here we are, almost the end of June. And every single supposed release date and tidbit of info from the Dev Group has been a big load of bullshit. I was looking forward to having CZ to play for the summer, but at the rate the damn thing is going, it'll be [censored] September before we see it.

To be honest, i've lost all interest and i'm just gonna get Raven Shield. At least UBI didn't bullshit us for 2 years before they released RS. And when CS2 comes out, CZ will just blow away within a few months. It'll be a waste of money. If Valve had of been smart, they would have scrapped CZ in the first place and just focused on HL2 and CS2. In fact we'd probly have both by now.

If you have any common sence people, you'll forget CZ ever non-existed and use your money a little more wisely. Save it for CS2.
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