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Default Re: So here we are.....

First of all, most people would like to see the game out asap. It's in the publishers, and developers best interest to do so. They still have to finish the game though, so many must be calm and wait. Most likely the game will be out this summer (My estimate.) around sometime in July. People who play CS 1.5, or just cs in general should find it in there best interest to wait, because Ritual has put there time into this game, and gave us a new improved CS. Whether you plan to buy Cz or just play 1.6, then you whould find a kick ass game that redifines CS. Every one seems or should most likely love the new improvments such as new models for the sas,seal, etc. The new weapons lookin badass with high polygons as well.
Hl2 will most likely not come out with Tf2, because the publisher and developer whould love this opportunity to make the people buy TF2 retail. So they may give us the Mp, and then if you buy it you get other extra stuff.
Cs2, you will have plenty of war/swat type mods in hl2. (The Last Great War, Iron Curtain, Cold War melting point, Urban chaos,Wise Guys (Mafia mod), Operation:Shadow Phoenix, etc.)
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