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Default Re: So here we are.....

I think there are a few things that a gamer automaticlly expects from a publisher/developer. The first is that product being released will be enjoyable and relatively bug free. And after that is probably releasing the game when they say it will be released.

CS:CZ has been passed down through 3 developers so far, and taken well over two years of developement. We have never been given a definative released date, one thats "CZ will be released on xx/xx/xx" always just "soon" or "very soon". Imagine what would happen if the developer of a movie, lets take The Matrix: Reloaded for example, and they said "oh look how cool this is! it'll be out soon!" And then it never comes out. The customers are going to be very well beyond pissed off.

The same applies to popular video games. When I heard Starcraft: Ghost was going to be delayed until Feburary, was I mad? No, because I know that SC:G will come out on THIS DATE RIGHT HERE. And if it's delayed again? Big deal, I know Blizzard is doing it for a good reason, not because they [censored] around with developement or whatnot.

It isn't Ritualistic's fault for the games over-extend release "times", its Valve, if they hadn't [censored] around and switched developers so much, we'd probably have it by now. Too bad, CZ won't get my money, maybe on X-Box it will if it has split screen, otherwise, Raven Shield looks pretty damn good to me.
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