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Default Re: So here we are.....

GFG, I hate all you people that defend CZ. IT WILL NEVER COME OUT WHEN EXPECTED! IT IS NOT WORTH WAITING FOR! Seriously, even if it comes out in July it has 2 months to be sweet and then HL2 will come out. Valve is [censored] stupid for delaying all this beullshit for so long.

You guys can have fun waiting for Condition Zero. Make sure you stock up on about a years worth of food! If it changes one more producer or it is delayed once more, I am going to lose ALL FAITH IN THIS POS GAME!

I dont care what you guys say about "OH NO! THEY ARE WORKING SOOOO HARD TO MAKE IT SUPER DUPER FOR THE CUSTOMERS!" Yeah well right now the 'customers' are [censored] PISSED OFF! I will be happy to see CZ crash and fall and burn in hell. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/mad.gif[/img]
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