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Default Re: So here we are.....

OK guys, I didn't read all your posts, but I think I'll address the majority of you. YES, him (Soyoman) complaining in this forum is a good thing. YES, the majority of the people who will buy the game are like this man, this Soyoman. YES, the publishers have, yes, HAVE to cater to men like this to maximize their profits. NO, bitching at soyoman and his like will not make this serious problem cz is facing go away. YES, Soyomans point about the game not being out by now is EXTREMELY important, even if he doesn't know all the facts, he is representative of what rumours surround cz's release date and that is a huge problem. I hope you all understand what I'm getting at, if a huge amount of people believe in something that is not true, to them it is true, and because of this phenomenon, the situation should is regarded with respect to the majority's understanding. So what he's saying, and what so many else are, should be dealt with, not many people are up to date on the cz info, and not too many people are so forgiving as us. Yes, I said forgiving, earlier you all told me that information posted here, on Ritualistic, is not representitive of Ritual. That is a mistake Ritual made, to allow a site such as this, so easily confused as being an offical source of info regarding Ritual projects, to post ANY information without huge blazing warnings to inform the slower of us that this site is not what it seems, more of a fan/hype site mostly to whet appetites. Ritual really needs to be more careful on what they allow their name to be associated with, a little foresight would've saved a huge amount of trouble for this site, as well as a portion of the intended market in the sales of this game.
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