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Default CZ system requirements according to Sierra, wtf?

One thing that I feel was kind of a letdown was the fact that CSX was getting exclusive graphics enhancements such as, 24-bit textures, and new lighting and particle effects.

One of Ritual's programmers, ArchV, stated that the reason why CS:CZ for PC wasn't going to recieve these graphical enhancements is because Valve required that CS:CZ support Software Rendering.

I can understand Valve not wanting to leave out those who are stuck playing in Software (would a $20 GeforceMX be so hard to purchase?).

Yet, check out CS:CZs official system requirements on Sierra's webpage

System Requirements

Pentium III 500 MHz
16 MB Video Card
500 MB HD Space
Win-Compatible Sound Card
Mouse, Keyboard

Pentium III 800 MHz
128 MB RAM
32+ MB Video Card

A 16meg Video card is required, and a 32meg video card is preferred. So what does all this mean? It means that Sierra and Ritual will only official support users who meet the games required criteria. If you have a 16meg Video card, there is no reason to play in Software mode. And if there is no reason to play in Software mode, then why is Ritual limmiting the graphics in CS:CZ to support software users!?
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