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Default Re: Thoughts on starting to make maps for EF2

Well, I sure have a creative mind! And the devotion... well, when I start something I kinda have to finish it although it may take some time as I want everything to be perfect. It's probably like short stories. I've started writing a science fiction trilogy (first part complete sorry it's in swedish but for those who want it just e-mail me) and I've written a few pages on the second part. But right now I've stopped writing as I simply don't have the... you know. Hope to get it finished this summer though. I guess it's the same thing with making maps. If you have an idea and start to realize it you want to get it finished. But maybe the most important thing is to not make a pause, because that's when there _might_ take VERY long time until you start again. I'm quite sure that I have the proper devotion for making maps. I have always liked creating things.
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