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Default Re: CZ system requirements according to Sierra, wtf?

I was wondering if maybe modifying the halflife engine to support 24 bit rendering:
would be possible? (does csx use the same code as pc half-life engine? If 24 bit was brought to pc, what effects could it have on online gaming? Computer game setting should be the same for all gamers to even the playing field.)
would raise the system requirements a significant amount? (the xbox is a dedicated machine for graphics, it's performace would only be matched in a computer with reasonably better hardware.)
would be that great of a graphical improvement to simply increasing the resolution up to the next level? (given that 24 bit texture rendering may eat up a similar amount of cpu resources respectably to the next stage up in the gaming resolution. Keep in mind that xbox users cannot turn up gaming resolution, they are stuck at a very low resolution, and 24 bit texture rendering is in a sense a way around this resolution lock out.)
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