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Default Re: Editing for CS:CZ

CZ has its own language, I'm not sure what it can be compaired to. Basically, in the editor you may have a trigger_once that targets a trigger_script entity. In the trigger_script entity it will point to two different things. A script file and the specific thread (block of code) within that script file. Inside that thread you can trigger other entities and play sounds, etc. Here's a very quick small example.

#pause = 2.5
#triggertarget = "walk_here_bitch" //triggers a scripted_sequence that makes a scientist walk to it.
#pause = 5.0
#killtarget = "doogie_howser" //kills the scientist

What's really cool about these scripts is that you can make changes to them that drastically affect your level game-play but you don't need to recompile your map, just reload the level and it will read in your script file along with its changes.
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