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Default Re: Editing for CS:CZ

Here's a list of what the scripts can't do:

if then, else statements
creating variables and storing values
and probably more that it can't do that most scripting languages can do.

The CZ scripting language is VERY VERY simplistic. It's really an alternate way of triggering entities the way you can within the editor. If a player walked into a trigger_once the designer can choose to have it trigger a multi_manager (which triggers lots of other entities) or have it trigger a trigger_script entity (which triggers a thread in the script file).

There is a way to create randomness to your levels but I'm not experienced with that yet. I think you'd have to use multisource entities that act as an AND gate. If one thing is active AND something is, this other thing will happen, but if both aren't triggered then it won't happen. So, you probably have to design your levels to have a non-linear approach and lots of different things may or may not be activated by the player.

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