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Default Re: Editing for CS:CZ

to somewhat expand on that...

a better description of the scripting system is to call it an external event control system. that is, it can't really generate too many things on it's own. what it can do is provide a simplified, flexible way to handle complex sequences in the game.

things it can do on it's own:

trigger valid entities
'killtarget' or destroy valid entities
display text on screen, along with corresponding audio files complete with a speaker, target, etc. to provide a sound source and mouth movement.

things it can not do:

trigger entities that don't already exist in the world
create entities on the fly
logic operations
loop structures (if/then/else, while, for... the standard programming stuff)

if you're familiar with the standard HL multi_manager entity (complex trigger_relay) then think of the pseudo-script as a more powerful replacement. It incorporates some of the functionality of the file sentences.txt, as well.

any kind of fancy logic type stuff is handled just like it would be in the current HL tools. it's the old quake-style system with lots of little colored boxes and spaghetti-esque lines going between them. it is somewhat limited but can do some really cool stuff, as you'll see in Condition Zero. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]
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