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Default Re: Editing for CS:CZ

Unfortunately, I don't think it's very easy to alter the settings for the armory. Off hand I would guess they are all hard-coded values that relate to specific weapons and adding more weapons/items is certainly not an easy task if this is the case.

With that said, we didn't use the armory function to equip the player throughout the single-player missions. You don't need it. The game_player_equip entity is much more versatile and allows you to give the player any weapon, item, and ammo load you want by adding the entity names for each item. This is standard HL functionality that I would recomend using for any single-player levels. I think the armory entity is a multi-plyer, counter-strike specific entity and as such would not be valid in the single-player game (think HL for sp, and CS for mp).
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