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Default Re: CZ system requirements according to Sierra, wt

Well I've always enjoyed CS cus of its great gameplay, now all those f** reviewmags just keep whining about the graphix in CS, They can get all newest hardware and stuff, many gamers can't. I rarely see them whining about how bland Unreal2 was, 'oh the graphix are nice, ooh, gamers get the latest hardware and enjoy this game at it's full detail' bah, those reviews have no content but propagating and overhyping everything.

Graphical improvements are not what I want, I want a change from online play, some things can improve.

Secondly they complain about the 1.6 and CZ bots, ever played podbot, or any other bot? they are byfar not that good as those bots in 1.6, One preview said, the bots block eachother, ever playedon a public server? Human players block eachother even more...

Just don't get brainwashed by the hype fed to you, I don't depend on any review mag anymore, you see them rate a game very high, 2 pages later there is this huge add about that game... obvious

I hope CZ won't need newer gfxaccelarators, that would suck real hard.

my 2 cents.
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