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Default I think Novalogic has good online games.


1. Lack of a dedicated linux server.

It's a detraction but there are still plenty of servers available to play on.


3. Lack of PunkBuster.

PunkBuster causes more problems than it solves at least for users with the added bandwidth used and CPU cycles and the constant updates. Something is always causing problems and breaking Punkbuster. I have seen PunkBuster be patched three and four times in the same day.

The fact is server admins could get the ban control and few additional commands they need without the added Punkbuster client crap. I will never play on any server that requires Punkbuster. I would rather tolerate the occasional cheat because at least he does not hurt my own ability to play the game.


4. Lack of support for ASE and GSA/GS3D.

With Novalogic's in-game browser and external web interface, you can already see servers inside and outside the game.
I don't miss the external server browser support since I use IE to see them.
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