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Default Re: I think Novalogic has good online games.

PunkBuster is fantastic and the fact they auto-update it constantly shows they support and fix it - their support team is very responsive. Unlike Novalogic who often ignore titles completely (for Comanche 4 it required a third party anti-cheat program!). PunkBuster runs extremely smooth on all the games it currently supports. If you read in all the communities where it gets implemented, it gets praises for stopping cheaters (America's Army, Enemy Territory, Raven Shield, Soldier of Fortune 2, Quake 3, just to name a few). In fact, a lot of the players of those communities were ready to quit their games until PB became a part of them. There are not just a few cheats in games, there are tons and it's amazing how many, only a dedicated and contracted anti-cheat/administration program like PunkBuster can stop the vast majority of them. All of the inititial problems, upon release have been fixed and it doesn't take up hardly much extra CPU or bandwidth anymore, this is why the majority of game servers that have PunkBuster as an option, use it. In fact, if you look at the stats in ASE (because most games are made to support browsers like ASE - you'll see that any game that has PunkBuster, the majority of players will play on the PunkBuster enabled servers). PB also has tons of features like Player Power, screenshots, web admin, server tasking, cvar checks, name protection and prevention, and the list goes on.

As for occasional cheats?

That's just a little bit from my two small servers. Many other larger servers have 100s of cheaters caught. In fact, if you go to .. they share GUID's to ban cheaters on a more global level - something only PunkBuster can offer. That kinda shows you that there far more cheats than you can imagine going on in games where there is no anti-cheat software. The vast majority of gamers prefer PunkBuster in a game.

While we're discussing issues. There are no dedicated servers for BHD - you have to buy the game, put in a cd and run it from menus - what a complete mess. Go to and the post counts and messages for BHD are far lower than other games like Enemy Territory - which has dedicated Windows and Linux servers, accessible via ASE/GS and has PunkBuster. You'll also notice, that in all TWL rules for each game, that has PB included, they endorse it, and most players show they enjoy the protection.

The lack of ASE and GS support really hurt the potential for growth of Novalogic games. It makes it a pain to find and search for servers, buddies, etc. It's just a major mistake for them to avoid external browser access.

Unless Novalogic wakes up and gets a clue about all these issues - things that most decent online games cover in one way shape or form, they'll always have a very minimal community with a high level of disgruntled customer base. Simply checking all the NL games community sites, and the level of frustration with NL's extremely poor support for prior games is very high.

I've said my piece.
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