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Default Re: 379.4 MB Valve? Yeh, you wish.

Not really, it probaly means you type slow and have time to check every leter while your typing.
It really comes naturally to me. Sure I go back a check for spelling/grammar errors a 2 or 3 times, but that's just because my English teachers always slapped my in the face with bitching everytime I'd do something stupid on essays, etc..

ya plus some of my keys stick
That's not really much of an excuse. You could get a new keyboard, or clean your current keyboard if it risks making you look halfway illiterate. Just my opinion, though. I really don't give a shit how well everyone and their mom can spell/use grammar properly. The only thing I have against it is if someone's spelling is so attrocious that I get a headache from trying to read it, I get pissed off and refuse to even look at it. Sadly, there's way too many people like this on the internet.
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