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Default Team Sabre wish list

Hello all - I'm new to this forum, as you can see, but I am an avid Delta Force fan. Love BHD, but just have a few gripes (no offense) about the present game and some suggestions for the exp, if it's not too late already. All my comments will refer to the multi-player aspect of the game.

1) The lean and shoot while running - this drives me crazy. I've seen players using this as a tactic - flopping around while running (usually gunners), thus making them harder to hit. And it just plain looks funny. Takes away from the realism.

2) Auto-aim: I agree with what was said in another thread - auto-aim with sniper weapons should be taken out, as well as with the M203's. As a sniper, I find it frustrating when I've found a good sniper spot and am tracking a sniper on the move in my scope, trying to lead him, and he stops - aims - and pops me. If he had to adjust his range before pulling the trigger, I would have the advantage because I took the time to find a good spot and get my range set. That's part of the fun of sniping, but it gets ruined when someone on the run can spot you, stop, raise scope, and just shoot without any adjustment, all in about 1 second. The advantage is then turned over to the sniper on the run, and that just isn't real. The auto-aim with the 203's is also a little frustrating when shooting at choppers - you can't lead the target because the range is automatically set to a point way out in the sky, so your nade will travel to a point hundreds of feet into the clouds instead of 20 feef infront of the target. And, if more land vehicals is going to be a big feature in the exp, better take out auto-aim with the 203's so guys can have fun with their new toys instead of becoming nade bait.

3) Glowing clays: don't work. I mean, sure they blow up, but I thought the glowng clays were supposed to mean they are friendly, but I can't count how mant times I've run over "friendly" clays only to find that it was one of the enemy's.

4) I love being able to switch characters in-game, but don't like how each character is limited to specific weapons. I think Land Warrior had it right - where each character had specific weapons that they were good with, but could still use the full range of weapons but with limited efficacy.

5) I also miss the drop-and-pick-up-weapon feature.

6) What about each player being able to change the type of ammo for his weapon during the game - like switching to tracers, say, if you want to point out the location of an enemy sniper or concealed gunner.

7) Don't know if this is already planned, but I'd like to see just a few more weapon choices. Not a big deal, tho.

Thanks for reading - sorry for length.
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