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Default Re: CZ is out on October 1st **REAL**

Please, why would i waste my time registering for a forum and posting lies. Look at my post just trying to let ppl know about the information im getting, that's all.
Simple read one web site that had not updated it's ship date and your feckless little brain decided to post. The answer is your a dolt dood. Go to EB Games. Amazon. Gamespot, every other dealer has it anywhere from the 1st of November to the 14th.

Secondly, Dolt Boy. Why would Ritual or the Publisher keep it a secret? Why no mention at all, No PR? No "Buzz"...No We went Gold,,which has to happen some time before they can then send it for production, packaging, distribution?


It might not even happen November if thier are issues, bugs, whatever.

So tell your mommie you need several more trips to a therapist due to your intense need to be noticed.

<span style='color:#333333;background:#333333'>You [censored] DOLT</span>
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