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Default Re: Thank you very much for trying Ritual.

Hear, hear!

Thank you, Ritual, for trying to make an actual game instead of making a shitty offline version of an online game. If I wanted that, I'd just open Unreal Tournament 2003. From what I've read from the Valve release, it doesn't seem like any of your work will be in it which is a crying shame. I was hoping for an excellent single-player experience like most single-player FPS games.

I'm not for hating Valve, but this was a completely stupid move, I think. I haven't been against Valve before (and am not on the Half-Life 2 matter), but if this is true (that none of Ritual's work will be in it, mainly the campaign) I will be for sure.

I'd just like to thank Ritual for trying to give us fans what we want instead of some crappy offline mode that you can currently get in Counter-Strike 1.6. Kudos to you, Ritual.
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