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Default CSNation previews the new CZ

Major points:
The game's primary single player game is tony hawk like botmatches with improved bots-- turtle rock studios did most of the development it seems (taking the developer count up to 5).

-12 of ritual's campaign based levels are included, out of the original 18. They're in a section called "deleted scenes".

-They're are 18 maps for both single player and multiplayer, all are new or updates of previous maps.

-Bots are improved over the one's we saw in 1.6-- They actually can knife fight intelligently with you. They also shout out many different comments that reflect their personality during the SP missions. It's up to you to buy new bots as you progress in SP to make a better team. They have different attriubutes such as skill, cooperation, bravery, and favorite weaponry.

-Multiplayer in CZ and regular CS is nearly identical aside from the new maps-- they haven't been determined whether or not they will be released to the community.

-None of ritual's player or weapon models appear to be in the game.

From the sound of all this, it sounds like it will be a relatively good game from the sound of the mission setup and bot AI-- however, the lack of ritual's new art assets really sets me off, to the point that i'm not sure i'll bother getting it. Hopefully they will make it in somehow, I don't have any clue why valve would want to take it out.
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