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Default Re: CSNation previews the new CZ

rizzuh @ 7:48 pm edt - cs-nation updates - important - 8 comments - new!
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero is scheduled to go gold sometime soon, so we're posting hands-on impressions of the latest version of the game. Although we can all agree that the Ritual version looked like it played as well as a broken saxophone, this new version of Condition Zero is actually quite fun in my opinion:
After receiving Ritual Entertainment's Condition Zero content earlier this year, VALVe decided to re-do significant parts of the project. Community feedback wasn't too positive about Ritual's work. In my opinion, Ritual's quality of work for Condition Zero wasn't what the community expected from a title with VALVe's name on it.

Although you will still find some of the Ritual missions in the game, the meat of CS: Condition Zero is a new mode programmed by Turtle Rock Studios. Twelve Ritual missions will be in a section of the game called "Deleted Scenes." These missions were the best of the 20 or so that Ritual developed. But the new game mode that will comprise most of Condition Zero is a Tony Hawk Pro Skater-like challenge mode.

hhahahahahahahaa broken saxophone, never heard that one before hahah
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