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Default Re: CSNation previews the new CZ

let's just "pretend" we're all on the same page here and i'll raise a question of speculation.

as gamers in the communitiy let's assume ritual finished with cs:cz by atleast july cause they had to have time to finish the xbox version of the game. so somewhere between july and say a few weeks ago turtle rock has had the 4th stab at the game. so that's july, august, september, and BARELY october. so we're talking 3 whole months they've worked on the game. and supposedly they've finally (out of 4 dev teams) have gotten it right even though they've had the shortest time to work on the game.

well [censored] me silly and call me sally the sheep!! some company no one has ever heard of or produced any game for that matter has done a better job than 3 established dev teams. WOW! i am amazed.

so anyway here's the question:

according to our speculation, with at the most 3 solid months of working on the game, who wants to bet that cs: cz will be a buggy piece of trash?

oh yeah. and who else thinks the writers at cs-nation are valve's personally dick sucking bitches? i mean really. every review i've read from there about cs (especially within these past two days) totally bashes all other devs except turtle rock (whom no one has ever heard of.)
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