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Default Re: CSNation previews the new CZ

The only thing about this whole situation that gets me most is I know exactly why people (the Comunity) complained about Rituals version of CZ.
The game was supposed to be out a long time ago. We worked with what we had but there was no way we could have added vehicles, coop, real time lighting, huge out door environments, and all the other things people expect from first person shooters today. I am nearly 100 % sure about this. you are going to get backlash from the comunity if the game is X years late no matter how good it is... its like getting blood from stone when I think about it... I learned so much about this working on CZ.

So yeah the comunity might have said they didnt like CZ... News Flash! You dont go up to a bunch of people who seen and played all the latest games with a game thats still using the half life engine and expect raving reviews about the game play graphics and sound.
The best you can hope for is things like "Yeah it was pretty cool but I played half life so many times and this game felt pretty much the same with cooler weapons"
When we started working on the project thats exactly what I thought too. oh well..

I am pretty sure the comunity would have loved this game like 2 years ago no matter what version it was.

I wonder if this post will get deleted....
*sigh* ill shut up now
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