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Default Re: CSNation previews the new CZ

This Turtle Rock version of CZ is BS. I was really looking forward for the Ritual version of players models, new SP weapons, and missions. The old screenshots, works, and trailers says it all. Remember the "customizable models" there were suppose to be thousands of different combinations? And SP missions looked more fun than this "tony hawk" like gameplay. There were 4-5 locations, or countries from what i remember that u get to play. The trailers looked really good.... ppl repelling out of choppers, explosions, falling through crates, choppers crashing....ah remember the reward points where you can call in for backup and the chopper destroys a building so u can get thru! What about the cut scene in one of the first videos, where there is a downed ct and his buddy is dragging him out of the line of fire? That was awesome. Anyway ritual verision looked more exciting.

I thought the whole purpose of CS:CZ was its SP mode. If i wanted to play with bots i would dl podbot or just pub. Sure bots can be nice to practice on but after awhile it gets boring. "Get one kill with a pistol?, Get one kill with fiveseven? 3 Headshots with a deagle? Kill someone who has been blinded by a fb?...omg so exicting i can already tell ppl will get sick after the 5th objective! can pub on a 32 player server and do the same things i bet it would be more fun.

Ritual release ur version of CZ call it different name!!! =)
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