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This all seems like a rather ridiculous soap opera.
Zoso, I have checked your demo reel and there is no doubt you are able to animate and even if there'd been problems I'm sure you would have fixed them.

I am new to this and I honestly have no clue who Mr. cliffe is, but I am disgusted how people easily spread such rumors. one shouldn't just say things like he said without giving full prove that it is justified to do so. messing up the reputation of someone who works hard doing his job well without a proven reason is where the fun ends.

And about the weapons. I have taken a good look at all the pics available and there is not the slightest doubt that the texture artist from ritual did a superb job on it. If you like someone who posted here don't like they look weathered and scratched instead of shiny new, then that's a matter of taste, but frankly the weathered look is certainly more accurate, or does anybody think that after tons of battles your weapon still looks like just out of the factory?
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