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Default Re: The CS:CZ models

whatever the community wants to call the missions and gameplay that ritual actually created it doesn't matter. but know this: ritual was HIRED by valve to create a game to their [valve's] specifications. the game ritual created is the game that valve asked (contracted) them to create.

i'm not saying it's good i'm not saying it's bad (i've honestly played it too much to care for it anymore, nor do i want to pose my opinion on you guys.) people like games people hate games no big deal.

the only thing that i'm upset about (i'm speaking for myself) is the way valve decides to relay all of this information about the game to ritual as a company: THEY DON'T. nor are they obligated to, it would just be repectful, courteous, and professional. all i'm trying to say is at the least valve could tell us what's up.

oh yeah... and what's up with the whole "ritual's stuff doesn't work" approach that's being taken to this new czero?

anyway... i'm trying not to worry anymore or let things like this get to me.

if you like the game good for you. if you don't then i guess it just wasn't what you wanted.
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