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Default Re: The CS:CZ models

here's what i think valve did with cs:cz. There are 12 deleted scences, valve removed all the ritual added weapons, so the deleted scences are the ones with the scripts that needed to complete the map with a rocket launcher,..... reason??

But why they removed those damned nice models, WHO KNOWS? Those models was 1 of the reason that i was gonna buy that game.

Now what benifit do u get buy buying the game (cs:cz) or d/l 1.6? The maps? Then why call the game cs:cz instead of cs mappack with single player-version. You don't get other player models, weapons,... Just restyled maps.

After playing the game (single-player version) and you completed the game, the only thing EXTRA in multiplayer is the restyled maps. No new weapons, no new models, No spetznaz,...

But im still gonna buy that game since i preordered it and payed 10$ advance. And in the hope that they didn't removed those models.

I think valve did a bad job buy removing those models and weapons.

Why did valve released a cscz trailer (the commercial trailer) where there are still those player models, weapons,....? maybe for This is the game you're NEVER going to play? I think that they (valve) are to ashamed to release a trailer with the NEW version and the old models ?

This was my conclusion.

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