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Default Re: CSNation previews the new CZ

so your saying the 12 mission cz that leaked will be the exact same thing thats in the deleted folder section of the new CZ. So in other words the deleted scenes folder from the new cz is whats leaked.
If you want an official statement dont look to us. I'm not going to say "the 12 mission cz that leaked will be the exact same thing thats in the deleted folder section" because i dont know that for sure. what i said was, "the leak so far seams to be the deleted scenes," because it is rituals cz but doesn't have all the missions.

I think Valve will make the deleted scenes part look really shitty (EVEN THOUGH ITS NOT) so people will only play there gay little THPS Mode?
I dont think valve cares which you play more. I think they just realized what ritual made wasn't going to be on par with what the community expects. So they made the included bots have their own kick ass singleplayer-type game to them. (it sucks that they made that singleplayer and call rituals deleted scenes, and left out missions).
In the leak there is the turtle rock version of cz (although im not sure if its final or not). In it's main menu it says "play counter strike:condition zero" followed by "new multiplayer game" along with options and quit, etc. The first would take you to ritual's cz, the second would take you to new game menu for turtle rock's cz. I hope they leave it like this (instead of deleted scenes). In the folders for turtle rock's cz, all the weapons models are the old ones, and there are old and new player models. So i'm guessing we can choose.
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