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Default Re: The CS:CZ models

I'm beginning to think this is all because of microsoft's involvement.
First of all, nothing is heard about CZ for a long time, then it suddenly goes gold and annouced that it will come out on the same time as CSX-- releasing them simultaneously will give CSX more of a chance of beating out the pc version. And with CZ going gold right now, it wouldn't take as long as the 18th to hit stores, furthermore valve would have allowed us to get it from steam anyway. Then the whole reason behind the missing player models: Valve was depending on ritual's single player game for the major content, but it ended up being scrapped-- so to make up for the missing content they grabbed all of CSX's (at the time) exclusive maps. Because they did that, they had to even it out and drop the new player models from CZ because they need CSX to have the edge.

That's just my theory, it could be wrong, but I believe it more than that bullshit valve's giving out about the models not working.
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