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Default Re: The CS:CZ models

good to see you on the forums dave. i'm actually past all of the yelling and ranting stage. i just hope no matter what is in the game that the community likes it.
well ,im late with all this.
im just at the point i realize how things are and it hurts me
and im all crazy....
but in the end people are having fun with the leaked one (i dont know what to think about that ,happy because its not somewhere in a trash and sad because it could have been released like that)
and i hope because its still in the final game (deleted scenes)there will be a way to make those models to "work" even if they(tb) told its not possible...(the assets are there so...)
theres ALWAYS a way.either they are bad liars or there is something I just can't understand.

i see the future as a miraculous patch dudes...
(sorry about my english guys)
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