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Default Re: Not Another Thread!!!

On the ritual cz site i saw that pick of miami and "ritual cinema" and i thought it was kind of funny to play cs_miami and its called "rations cinema." It's also called rations bank, I'm not sure if that was origonally there. And Castle, I'm finding your little boxes everywhere (best so far was in the fridge). And one bug I did find was when i started a new game on hard, I played the first mission, recoil, and after killing everyone it took me about a half hour to get the pilot to follow me to the rescue zone/downed chopper. He kept saying "I won't go any further." before the steps. Maybe I did something wrong.
Like the title suggests, sorry for the new thread, just wanted to post.

edit: oh ya i forgot, how do you get past two points on "downed pilot" where there are trees blocking your way? i tryed to go through them or find another way but i ended up having to set sv_gravity 200 and jump over them.
Yeah all of the levels I had been assigned at the start of the project have boxes

That means that there is one black box in every bsp in these missions

Secret war
Thin Ice
Building Recon (One black boxes is missing in Brecon. It would have been in one of the areas that go boom)
High Rise

That should be 21 black boxes

The original concept of the black boxes is to be like the Golden star ships in EF2.
I didnít place the boxes in Recoil or Motorcade even though I did lots of work on those levels. If I did put black boxes in all the maps I touched it would have been quite a bit of the levels in the game. (none of the missions removed by valve are mine as far as I know)
oh well...

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