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Default Elite Force League

The Elite Force League is still accepting applications for its ladders that are currently in place, and will be for ever more! We've currently got ladders up for EF1 and EF2 in several different gametypes for both Europe and North America. As soon as your clan is signed up, you can challenge anyone on the ladder immediately! Sign up now! We will also hire free servers for EFL matches!

Founded over two years ago, the Elite Force League was the first EF league in the world, and spanned three seasons in Europe and twice as many in North America. Now with a total re-code, and a network change, the EFL is ready to go once more.

The EFL's parent company, the Fragzz Network has been running for almost a year now, and behind it is myself (having had a major part in the EFL from Euro season 2 onwards, run the Deus Ex League, the european side of the Jedi Knight II League, and the World Gaming Alliance amongst others) and [TMF]DocW (who co-ordinated European projects such as Deltaleague and the original Fragzz) also.

The Fragzz Network now has what is probably the most complex and flexible gaming competition system in the world. All through the PHP and Bash-script driven sites, matches can be organised, new competitions can added and results can be reported, all with the appropriate scoring done automatically.

Anyway. What does this mean to you all? Basically the EFL now has veterans of competition running behind it (if you don't know me, then you'll know oE|BiocYte), who have organised competitions in many other games before, and we know how to make things work. This will mean that signups and other parts of competition administration will happen much faster, so that we can get playing within weeks hopefully, and have a stress-free playing experience. We are now open to signups, so please go ahead. All of the competitions in which you can play will be added shortly (only ladders have been added so far). Suggestions for competitions can be posted at our forums

If you have any questions, please feel free to reply here. Otherwise, head over to the Elite Force League, and register your clan today!

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