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This is major Bullshit, I am buying CZ no matter what. My old copy of CS got destroyed and now the game has been delayed. So I have to wait untill Valve get's their act together and releases.

They didn't even comment on CZ, they are hoping that no one found out that they screwed up again. They try to make everyone look that the fact that they released CSX on time instead.

Honestly first they switch developers like 5 times,
then they remove the high models which everyone wanted for CZ,
Then they have no more of a real Story,
Now they delayed a game which has gone Gold.

PS: CZ won't be avaible for you to download on steam if that's what you though. Only buyers get CZ material. CZ is the same as CS.
Do you have your old CD key? Cause if you do, you're entitled CS, TFC, DMC, OP4, DoD and HL free over Steam. And Ricochet, whatever the hell that is. Of course it will probably take you a couple of weeks to get it working and you'll be subject to any "beta" patches that Valve coughs up, but whatever.
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