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ya, i was waiting for ign's review. They gave it a 7.9. They're usually on point with their reviews, and i usually wont buy a 7.9. I wasnt ever considering it. I just didn't think all these reviews were going to look at the graphics and sound and singleplayer. If CS just came out today for the pc i guess ign would give it a 7.9 also you know, because of all the variables and criteria they grade upon.
I guess the way he puts it makes sense though, here you go cause i know your all to lazy to go find it:

"Closing Comments:
Counter-Strike is a decent game if you take it for what it is. However, I couldn't help but feel disappointed that neither Ritual nor Valve nor Microsoft Game Studios seized the opportunity to make the Xbox version of Counter-Strike something more visually impressive and worthy of our attention. As it is, Counter-Strike doesn't offer an online shooter experience like Return to Castle Wolfenstein or Rainbow Six 3 where there are unique styles and gameplay subsystems to keep us interested. It just offers a straight ahead first person shooter that's made it over from PC in better shape than I could've predicted. It's just strange that the game that inspired so many evolutions of the FPS genre is now back again on Xbox competing with so many games of its own legacy.
You may have read this before, but Counter-Strike is a lot like Michael Jordan in a Wizards jersey. The greatness of the name is undeniable, but nowadays they're both merely competitive. This game is a must have like a 2002-2003 Jordan trading card."

"valve has no reservations about claiming one thing and doing soimething completely different"
so true, and they put this image like they are all about the community and such, not doing such a good job communicating now are we. they revealed some surprises and now they cant get anything done when they wanted to. valve is now officially in the hype buisness.
I'm sorry to say this, but i'm not so sure why everyone praises valve in the first place. I guess i just didn't like half-life that much anyway. So far, everything else with a valve logo on it wasnt even made by them. I'm looking forward to hl2 more for the mods and such then the game itself.
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